Q-NEXT partner ColdQuanta acquires Chicago-based startup Super.tech

Leah Hesla

Q-NEXT partner ColdQuanta, a global quantum-technology company, has announced its acquisition of the Chicago-based quantum software startup Super.tech, a Q-NEXT affiliate.

Super.tech, known for its innovations in quantum software, is embedded in the Chain Reaction Innovations program at Argonne. It is also incubated by Duality, the first accelerator dedicated exclusively to supporting quantum startups and operated by the Chicago Quantum Exchange and the Polsky Center at the University of Chicago, which is also a Q-NEXT partner.

In acquiring the startup, ColdQuanta adds Super.tech’s capabilities in quantum software to its portfolio, which has been focused on quantum hardware. And by joining ColdQuanta, Super.tech gains close access to quantum computing, sensing and communication technologies.

Known for its R&D in quantum software, Super.tech’s offerings includes SuperstaQ, its write-once, run-anywhere software, enabling customers to write quantum programs in any source language. Super.tech is a part of Q-NEXT’s affiliates program, which is focused on building the national quantum information science ecosystem by creating new synergies between stakeholders in quantum communications, sensing and computing.

ColdQuanta is a global quantum ecosystem leader developing quantum devices and quantum information platforms based on cold-atom technology. At the time of the Super.tech announcement, the company also introduced Hilbert, the world’s first commercial cold-atom quantum computer. As a Q-NEXT partner, ColdQuanta provides researchers focused on innovating quantum hardware and sharing those resources with the collaboration.

The advancement of quantum science and technology is expected to bring about transformational technologies in communication and computing. Experts expect to wield the technology to build hackerproof communication networks and powerful computers that can solve problems today’s most advanced computers can’t.

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