The Q-NEXT Affiliates Program brings together domestic research institutions, nonprofit organizations and small businesses to further promote public-private partnerships in quantum information science and technology.

The Q-NEXT Affiliates Program focuses on building the national quantum information science and technology ecosystem by creating new synergies and connectivity between stakeholders in quantum communications, sensing and computing. As new findings and technologies are developed and as new needs are identified through Q-NEXT and other national QIS research efforts, affiliates have the opportunity to engage with our research to help accelerate innovation in the field.

To become an affiliate, send us an email describing your organization and how it is contributing to advances in quantum information science and technology. We also welcome affiliate inquiries from entities who may ultimately benefit from these advances.

Affiliate opportunities

Q-NEXT plans to hold an annual Affiliate Workshop to engage with representatives from our management and research teams, as well as each other. We also welcome opportunities to engage with our affiliates through scientific lectures, educational or workforce-focused events, or through other opportunities to grow the national QIS community.

Current affiliates

Mississippi State University