About Q-NEXT

Q-NEXT brings together leading experts in quantum science and engineering at national laboratories, universities and technology companies, building an ecosystem that will accelerate technology commercialization for the emerging quantum economy.

Established in 2020, Q-NEXT brings together roughly 100 experts from three national laboratories, 11 universities and 14 technology companies. Q-NEXT is led by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory.

Q-NEXT member organizations are innovators in many areas of quantum information science, including quantum information theory, high-performance computation, quantum experimental science, basic discovery science, advanced computing, and high-energy physics.

These partnerships bring together not only world-leading experts in their fields, but also facilities and infrastructure to advance the frontiers of quantum information science and engineering.


Q-NEXT’s mission is to develop the science and technology for controlling and distributing quantum information, enabling pivotal discoveries and U.S. competitiveness in quantum science and engineering.

Q-NEXT partners accomplish this by:

  • Advancing research in quantum communication, materials, sensing and simulation.
  • Creating and strengthening connections between science organizations and industry to build a national quantum ecosystem.
  • Launching foundries dedicated to the development of quantum materials and technologies.
  • Leveraging world-class science facilities, including supercomputers, light sources, and materials fabrication labs at the national laboratories, to accelerate QIS research.
  • Building the quantum workforce.