Science Resources

Q-NEXT leverages world-class scientific facilities at its partner institutions, as well as advanced instrumentation at member companies, increasing partner access to these facilities and accelerating R&D.

The center draws on these national resources to provide a robust supply chain of materials and devices, simulation and modeling platforms, and new methods of sensing and communication, all of which are critical for a robust quantum economy.

One of the challenges in developing new devices for quantum information systems is the lack of standardized, high-quality materials. To address this need, the Q-NEXT team is building two national quantum foundries, one focused on solid-state quantum technology at Argonne in the Chicago area and the other focused on superconducting quantum materials at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in California. Together these foundries will act as a quantum factory to produce a reliable supply of high-quality, standardized materials and devices that will support both known and yet-to-be-discovered quantum-enabled applications.

The center will also establish the first-ever National Quantum Devices Database, which will promote the development and fabrication of next-generation quantum devices.

Q-NEXT partners are building a solid-state quantum test bed to be used in the development of every level of a quantum device or system, from qubits to electronics to high-level architectures.

Learn more about some of the national scientific resources and facilities Q-NEXT is leveraging to advance quantum science and technology: