A Roadmap for Quantum Interconnects

A Roadmap for Quantum Interconnects

A Roadmap for Quantum Interconnects” is the result of the collective work of a team of Q-NEXT members and participants from academia, industry and U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories.

The roadmap provides direction for quantum interconnects research and its impact for quantum information science and technology, addressing the role of quantum interconnects in three emerging areas: quantum computing, communication and sensing. It reviews the materials, components and systems used for these purposes; summarizes relevant scientific questions and issues; and addresses the most pressing research needs. The document distills these considerations into recommendations for strategic science and technology research imperatives for the next decade.

In addition to informing Q-NEXT’s internal activities, the roadmap was created with a broader objective of developing a guide for key issues and research needed over the next decade for the worldwide scientific and engineering community interested in quantum information.


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