Featured collaborators

A diverse set of world-leading researchers make up the Q-NEXT collaboration.

Scientists and engineers, early-career and established researchers, experts in industry and academia — all Q-NEXT collaborators contribute to the center’s mission to develop the science and technology for controlling and distributing quantum information, enabling pivotal discoveries and U.S. competitiveness in quantum science and engineering.

Learn about some of people who make up Q-NEXT:

Bo Peng

Bo Peng of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is pioneering new ways to beat down the noise in quantum computers. A researcher studying hybrid classical-quantum approaches to computing, he’s exploring different ways to reduce error in quantum devices.

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Jeanette Roberts

Intel’s Jeanette Roberts is helming the effort to install the company’s first quantum computing test bed at Argonne. Building a quantum computer is one of the biggest challenges of her career. And when she isn’t developing quantum devices, she’s either scuba diving or planning to.

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Elizabeth Goldschmidt

Goldschmidt’s lab is a playground for controlling particles of light to build new ways to store quantum information. A professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, she’s helping develop the quantum communication technologies of the future.

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Thaddeus Ladd

A co-design engineer within Q-NEXT, Thaddeus Ladd of HRL Laboratories helps advance new materials for quantum science, develops simulations for quantum networks, and provides the perspective needed to assess how partners can best support the Q-NEXT mission.

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Katie Sautter

In graduate school, Argonne postdoctoral researcher Katie Sautter learned to master a machine that builds bits of matter one atomic layer at a time. Now she wields her considerable skills inventing materials for quantum communication devices at Q-NEXT.

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