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  • Intel to install quantum computing test bed for Q-NEXT

    Partnership with the world’s leading chip manufacturer accelerates the development of quantum devices. Read More

  • A mathematical shortcut for determining quantum information lifetimes

    A new, elegant equation allows scientists to easily compute the quantum information lifetime of 12,000 different materials. Read More

  • MIT joins Q-NEXT national quantum research center

    The MIT team brings world-leading molecular chemistry research to the Q-NEXT quantum materials development effort. Read More

  • A new platform for customizable quantum devices

    A ground-up approach to qubit design leads to a new framework for creating versatile, highly tailored quantum devices. Read More

  • Elizabeth Goldschmidt: creating quantum memories

    Goldschmidt’s lab is a playground for controlling particles of light to build new ways to store quantum information. A professor at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, she’s helping develop the quantum communication technologies of the future. Read More

  • Verizon brings carrier perspective to Q-NEXT

    If you’re setting out to help build a new kind of communication network that will one day crisscross the country, it’s good to have the perspective of a company who has a successful track record. The largest wireless carrier in the United States, Verizon, a Q-NEXT partner, is assessing how to scale the center’s science for practical applications. Read More

  • Argonne- and UChicago-led research team highlighted in special issue on quantum systems

    A set of guidelines that describes the use and development of a promising class of quantum materials is featured on the cover of this month’s Nature Review Materials. Read More

  • Quantum innovation at HRL Laboratories

    In 1960, Hughes Research Laboratories demonstrated the world’s first laser. It was a breakthrough born of the laboratory’s cutting-edge capabilities in photonics and materials science. Over the last decade, the Malibu-based research lab — now named HRL Laboratories — has been applying those same capabilities to quantum information science. A Q-NEXT industry partner, HRL is helping the center develop the technologies needed to realize quantum communication. Read More

  • Argonne Quantum Foundry renovations begin

    The Argonne Quantum Foundry is located in Argonne’s Building 222. Photo: Argonne National Laboratory In August, Argonne National Laboratory began renovations on the Argonne Quantum Foundry, which will support Q-NEXT research in quantum communication, computation, sensing and materials. Located in Argonne’s Building … Read More

  • One year in, Q-NEXT quantum research center is going strong

    It’s been a fruitful inaugural year for the Q-NEXT quantum research center, with the start of foundry construction, the launch of a key R&D roadmap, and new science results that will lead to next-generation quantum technologies for science and society. Read More