Verizon and Zurich Instruments join Q-NEXT

Q-NEXT has added two new corporate partners to its collaboration: Verizon and Zurich Instruments USA, Inc.

With the addition, Q-NEXT now partners with 12 leading U.S. quantum technology companies, along with three national laboratories and nine universities.

The secure and efficient transmission of information over a quantum network places new requirements on lasers, sensors and optical fiber. Verizon’s expertise in networking and security will ensure that key requirements are considered in Q-NEXT’s technology R&D roadmap.

Zurich Instruments brings innovation to advanced instrumentation in quantum technologies, enabling the reliable control and measurement of quantum information. Zurich Instruments’ goal is to support quantum researchers and engineers by allowing them to focus on developing quantum devices, even as they benefit from the most advanced classical electronics and software. The company will collaborate with Q-NEXT by participating in all its major research areas, including partnering on cutting-edge projects and training the future quantum workforce.

Industry collaboration is vital to the Q-NEXT mission. We welcome Verizon and Zurich Instruments to our growing community.

This work was supported by the DOE Office of Science National Quantum Information Science Research Centers.

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