Q-NEXT Updates

  • From the Quantum Foundry Thrust lead

    Since Q-NEXT’s inception, the quantum foundry thrust has been ramping up design and build-out at Argonne and SLAC to meet scientific requirements for Q-NEXT and conform with on-site safety protocols. The foundries will serve as a national resource producing a robust supply chain of standardized materials and devices that will support both known and yet-to-be-discovered quantum-enabled applications. Read More

  • Director's message

    Q-NEXT has been working to lay the bedrock for cutting-edge quantum research since the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and the U.S. Department of Energy announced awards for the establishment of five National Quantum Information Science Research Centers in August 2020. Together with you, our partners from national laboratories, universities and industry, we are tackling one of the grand challenges facing quantum science — how to manipulate and interconnect entangled states of matter. Read More