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  • A one-stop shop for quantum sensing materials

    Researchers have created extremely thin membranes of pure diamond in which carbon atoms are replaced nitrogen. These defects connect to neighboring atomic vacancies,creating unusual quantum systems for storing and processing quantum information. Read More

  • Simulating spin defects for more effective quantum computing

    For quantum computers to become an everyday reality, there is a long way to go and many challenging tests to pass. One of the tests involves using quantum computers to simulate the properties of materials for next-generation quantum technologies. In research supported by Q-NEXT, scientists performed quantum simulations of spin defects — specific impurities in materials that could offer a promising basis for new quantum technologies. The study improved the accuracy of calculations on quantum computers by correcting for noise introduced by quantum hardware. Read More

  • Quantum scientist Martin Suchara named to Crain Chicago Business’s ​‘40 Under 40’

    A rising Q-NEXT scientist is honored. Read More