Argonne Quantum Foundry renovations begin

Leah Hesla
The Argonne Quantum Foundry is located in Argonne’s Building 222. Photo: Argonne National Laboratory

In August, Argonne National Laboratory began renovations on the Argonne Quantum Foundry, which will support Q-NEXT research in quantum communication, computation, sensing and materials.

Located in Argonne’s Building 222, the 6,000-square-foot facility will focus on developing scalable semiconductor quantum systems. The foundry will be home to the Intel Solid State Testbed, which supports full-stack integration and development, from quantum-dot qubit chips to systems architecture. Other instruments to be housed at the foundry are new CVD diamond growth tools, environment-controlled annealing furnaces, and tools to create localized quantum defects.

Occupancy is planned for January 2022.

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