Update: spring roadmap workshop

On May 5, nearly 40 members of Q-NEXT and experts from outside companies met for a daylong workshop to create a roadmap that outlines the research and scientific discoveries needed for the distribution of quantum entanglement on a 10- to 15-year timescale. The roadmap will both help define Q-NEXT R&D milestones and guide the broader QIS field in advancing quantum technologies for basic science, the government and commerce.

Led by Q-NEXT Chief Technology Officer Supratik Guha, the workshop aimed to identify

  • Key impacts for the public good.
  • Systems and scientific discoveries that would deliver these impacts.
  • Major developments and metrics that need to be achieved.
  • Impediments to these developments.

Organizers of this effort will notify the collaboration about opportunities to engage in roadmap development in the future.

This work was supported by the DOE Office of Science National Quantum Information Science Research Centers.

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